Types Of Horses

Types Of Horses

The horse is a domesticated strange-toed, usually multi-hoofed ungulates mammal. It belongs to the genus Equus and is actually one of three extant subspecies of Equus. The horse was evolutionarily a small, multi-hoofed animal, Eohippus; it gradually evolved over the course of half a million years into the robust, large animal of today. Today’s horses are members of the genus Thoroughbred. The horse played an important role in history as both a means of transportation and a source of food and manure.

Historically, the most well known type of horse is the English Long-Handed. Long-Handed horses were originally used for a variety of tasks, such as for pulling carts and providing a source of food. They also served as companions and herders. As time passed, other types were created including the American Weldie, Australian Shepherds, the Western Riding Horse, and the Hungarian Water Horse.

Historically, horse breeding has often been done for purposes of improving the breed for a desired trait. In the process of improving the quality of the breed, one achieves the production of what is known as the Classical horse. This is a breed that possesses classical characteristics, such as a long neck, high forehead, long legs, and a straight, strong body. The Classical breed is one of the most expensive breeds in the world.

A further classification is the Western Riding horse. Western horses were used throughout much of the 1900s in the professional arena. These animals were used to win the dressage event at the Olympics. Modern Western horses are trained to be show jumping horses and compete in the popular Thoroughbred jumpers.

Although every single horse in the United States is likely to belong to a breed, it is difficult to count how many there actually are due to the fact that many horses are classified within more than one category. The most commonly used system of classifying horses is based on the performance of the animal in each event. If an animal finishes first or second in a particular competition, it belongs in that category. If it came second or third in a competition it is then considered a breed.

Horses fall into one of many categories. These categories are as follows: Herd, Standard, Western, Personal Recognized, and Quartermaster. Within each of these categories, there are subcategories as well. Therefore, if you want to buy a horse, you need to learn about the type of horse that you want. Whether you are looking for a stallion, a mare, a foal, or a pony, you need to be able to identify the type so that you can make the proper choice when buying the horse.